Pointer is a tech-enabled real estate agency pioneering in the application of information technology together with financial and legal consultation to make property transaction safe, convenient and intelligent.

We work with developers, owners, agents and customers to provide them services and solutions that help make their real estate transactions easier, more efficient and transparent.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is never to sell; our mission is to always consult

We understand that the process of buying, selling, renting and managing property can be a daunting task that could involve many people and many steps. Every customer is different and has unique needs and desires. Our job is to listen, appreciate and understand each of our customer and then match them with the right property and/or services. Thus, our objective is never to sell anything to our customers, but rather to always provide them with the best consultation and advice that we can offer.

Our Goals

We strive to achieve our key goals at every step of our journey

We envision a world where people are empowered to make the right property buying decisions by having access to accurate information and data.

Our mission is to develop agents in the real estate industry into leaders who are adept at helping our customers find their dream property.

Our objective is to create a company and environment where people are happy and productive so they can pass that onto our clients and customers.

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More than just a real estate agency

We love creating solutions to solve real estate problems

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Our Team

Dynamic, Multi-Talented and Forward-Thinking

We believe in hiring the best local and international talents who are dynamic in their personalities, multi-talented in their skillsets and just as importantly, forward-thinking. Furthermore, we hire and partner with local and international consultants to provide us with local insight, global perspectives and professional services such as technical assistance, trainings and new technology solutions.

“I envision a world where people have access to accurate information and data so that they are empowered to make the right decisions when buying property.”

Nguon Chhayleang
Chief Executive Officer

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