If you are seeking a house for rent in Phnom Penh you should take into account the vast variety of houses available in the Cambodian capital

From the simple shop house and flat house buildings to semi-detached and detached houses and luxury villas, Phnom Penh has a house to cater to all your needs.

Shop houses for rent in Phnom Penh

Shop houses are terraced buildings which have a ground floor shop. You can find these throughout the capital, especially in central areas. Typically the upper floors have been divided into a series of apartments, very possibly for rent. The building might have a solitary owner, or the individual storeys might have multiple owners, who rent out the apartments separately.

Flat houses for rent in Phnom Penh

Flat houses are similar to shop houses apart from they do not have a shop on the ground floor. You can find many flat houses in borey, where they are at the more affordable end of the Phnom Penh property market. Typically flat houses have just the solitary owner, and they are for residential use only. Flat houses are popular in the local market, due to their affordability and unlike with shop houses, you will not have a noisy business installed in the shop beneath you.

building in phnom penh

The main advantage of renting a shop house or flat house in Phnom Penh, apart from their affordability, is the location, especially if you want to rent a house in central Phnom Penh. The drawback, as with renting an apartment in Phnom Penh, is that they might look a bit dilapidated from the outside. Although as already mentioned building costs are cheap in Cambodia.

Villas for rent in Phnom Penh

There are few residential villas for rent in Phnom Penh. Most have now been converted for commercial purposes with vast rents. If you are looking to rent a villa in Phnom Penh then your best bet is to either rent a villa in a borey or on the outskirts of the city.

Borey in Phnom Penh

The good news is that there are plenty of borey being constructed near and within Phnom Penh. One prime location for the capital’s borey is Chbar Ampov, just over the Monivong Bridge. Another is Boeung Snor, on Highway 1, also just over the Monivong Bridge. A third up and coming area to consider while purchasing in a borey in Phnom Penh is in the southern area of the city along Hun Sen Boulevard, near the ISPP international school. See Borey in Phnom Penh for further information.

Houses for rent in Phnom Penh

Twin Villa For Rent in Sen Sok Area

House/Villa for rent in Sensok, Phnom Penh

4 Bed
5 Bath

Rental Price


Classic Cambodia style Villa For Rent At Beong Keng Kong

House/Villa for rent in Boeng Keng Kang, Phnom Penh

7 Bed
6 Bath
500 Sq.m

Rental Price


Terraced shop houses and flat houses are popular types of house in Phnom Penh – just contact our team for professional real estate advice