Serviced apartments are an attractive rental opportunity in the Cambodian capital

The recent boom in construction of apartment blocks and condos in the capital has led to an increase in the number of serviced apartments on the market.

One key advantage of renting a serviced apartment in Phnom Penh is convenience. As everything is managed for you, there is no need to contact internet providers and Cable TV companies, or pay your monthly electricity. All this is taken care for you. Nor will you have the hidden cost of equipping your apartment with furniture and kitchen appliances that might be missing in an apartment in a flat house or shop house. Serviced apartments are particularly attractive options for those people planning to stay in Phnom Penh for a relatively short period.

Many serviced apartments have a convenience shop on the ground floor, as well as potentially a fitness centre and swimming pool, perhaps even a restaurant or café, so you really have all the necessities – and a few luxuries – of life on your doorstep.

Also, the cost of renting a serviced apartment in Phnom Penh is relatively affordable. Most are in great locations, possibly in the centre of town, or especially if you have a top-floor flat with spectacular views.

There are some great serviced apartments for rent in Phnom Penh. The View Serviced Residence is Japanese run and has an excellent location in the popular central BKK1 district. Maline Serviced Apartment also has a great location on Street 214 close to Norodom Boulevard and Norodom Monument. Located on Diamond Island, CA&SA Serviced Apartment Phnom Penh is another prime example of the quality of serviced apartments available in the capital.

The only difficulty with selecting a serviced apartment in Phnom Penh is the choice, but don’t worry our experienced professional team at Pointer is there to help you decide which place to rent.

If you aren’t sure that a serviced apartment is for you, have a look at our other apartments for rent in Phnom Penh.

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