Despite the plethora of condo for rent in Phnom Penh, the capital also has great rental opportunities especially if you are looking for a bit more living space, albeit not in the downtown area.

Villa for Rent in Borey in Phnom Penh

Those seeking a villa for rent in Phnom Penh are best advised to turn to the many borey that are located on the outskirts of the capital.

You will discover a wide range of villas available to rent. However, as with villas and houses for sale in Phnom Penh, the main realistic options are in borey in Phnom Penh, largely located on the outskirts of the capital

These largely consist of semi-detached “twin villas”, as well as detached villas ranging from small two-beds, to medium three- to- five- bed options, and extremely large luxury villas.

Villas in borey should include a small yard at the front, or at the least a driveway for off-road parking. Typically the villa building takes up most of the land so gardens are minimal, and they very rarely have a private pool.

The advantage of renting a villa in a borey is that, as they are based on the outskirts of the city, they are good for families or for anyone who is looking for a quieter residential area to reside.

The flipside of renting a villa in a borey is that invariably you will have a long daily commute into the city centre. During rush hour it can take an hour or more to reach the downtown area of Phnom Penh from many of the most popular borey areas.

As such you might consider renting in Borey located in an area that has its own local amenities. For instance, the Sok Sen area includes Aeon Mall 2, ensuring that you can stock up close to home, and leave commuting strictly for work or pleasure.

Many people choose to buy a villa in a borey as an investment, which means that a lot of properties are unoccupied. We advise that you choose a popular borey where people actually live, rather than a deserted one, otherwise you might feel you are renting in a ghost town.

One idea might be to look for a villa for rent in Toul Kork. This is a popular area with its own amenities, and many of the attractions of the city centre bit without the congestion.

Villa for Rent in Phnom Penh outside of Borey

If you are looking for an older villa for rent in Phnom Penh, perhaps from the colonial era, then you will be disappointed to discover that most of these have been redeveloped for commercial purposes and yield extremely high rental rates.

Inevitably, wherever you choose to rent a villa in Phnom Penh, it will be owned by private Cambodian owners, and rarely managed by a property management company, so you will have to deal directly with the owner. It is advisable to seek a real estate agent to help you with your initial negotiations and requirements, especially if you do not speak Khmer.

Villas for rent in Phnom Penh

Twin Villa For Rent in Sen Sok Area

House/Villa for rent in Sensok, Phnom Penh

4 Bed
5 Bath

Rental Price


Classic Cambodia style Villa For Rent At Beong Keng Kong

House/Villa for rent in Boeng Keng Kang, Phnom Penh

7 Bed
6 Bath
500 Sq.m

Rental Price


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