Bakong Village was designed to be modern, yet familiar. We’ve taken core ideas from the traditional village and reform them for a modern era. More than a collection of houses, our village hosts a school, a market and greenspace for children to play and families to walk. Join us in creating the first modern village in Siem Reap.

Masterplan – Everything together

We believe that community and safety are formed from the connections people make with each other and we’ve designed our village to promote meaningful connections between neighbors. All your everyday needs can be met within a short walk, free from zooming motorbikes or large vehicles, and under the shade of dozens of trees. Run into friends and family as you pop into the market, visit a neighborhood cafe or meet your child after school. We’ve designed our masterplan to connect you with people.

Everything together, within a five-minute walk.

The Market: The heart of the village

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the market is the heart of the village. It is not only where we go to buy our rice and fresh vegetables for dinners. It is where we catch up with friends or get a bowl of noodles and iced coffee on the way to work. The market is a place you visit daily which is why it sits at the
center or our project, no more than a three-minute walk to any of our homes, accessible to everyone from children to grandparents.

The School – where we grow up together

Education is the foundation of development for both the community and nation. The classroom and play yard are where lifelong friendships are born and parents connect with each other. The school yard is where parents play football with their kids. The vibrancy of children makes a community come alive.

We’ve designed our kindergarten through sixth grade as an anchor to the entire development, close enough for children to access on their own or a short walk with a parent. Just like the experience your parents grew up with.

Property Types

Explore the unique shop house and villa designs at Bakong Village.


Our Villas come in three types for families at different stages and needs. Each are part of our mini-community “clusters” that allow residents to become friends. With two- and three-bedroom options Bakong Village has homes for parents entering retirement or couples just starting their families.

3 types of villas
Total Units: 245


Bakong Village features a total of 105 shophouses in two types running along each of the main roads. Choose from a 3 or 2-bedroom options, each with their own family-focused layouts.

Our S homes are located along the 10-meter road running north and south on the site and feature 3 bedrooms over 3 floors.

The L shophouse runs along the 60-meter road and has 2 bedrooms over 2 floors. Unique to this layout is the atrium area that brings peace into the living area or can act as feature element for a business.

2 types of shophouses
Total Units: 105

Our Location

Nestled in green fields and fresh air, Bakong Village is only 10 minutes east of Siem Reap town center by motorbike. Our 4.7-hectare site will be home to 350 shophouses and residences. Just 15 minutes to Angkor Wat and 30 minutes to the new airport currently under construction, you’ll look forward to the short commute to work and the lush home you’ll return to.

Your home, your village.

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