Kampot and Kep are favourite destinations for a weekend getaway, as well as having some of the best agricultural land in Cambodia – particularly the famed Kampot Pepper region.

Before you consider looking at land for sale in Kampot Province and Kep first check our page on Land for Sale in Cambodia, especially if you are a foreigner or expat.

Technically, foreigners are not allowed to purchase land in Cambodia, although they can buy a condo (see Condo for Sale in Cambodia). There are ways around this, such as using a nominee structure or registering a holding company to purchase the property, but we recommend that you seek legal advice first.

Why Buy Land in Cambodia?

Cambodians regularly buy and sell land all over the country. The price has soared over the last 10 years, especially in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. However, there are still great investment opportunities especially away from the major urban areas.

When looking at purchasing land in provinces, you should check the current road access and road quality, future infrastructure plans, electricity and water hook-ups, land level (to avoid flooding), soil quality, and proximity to desirable locations.

Land for Sale in Kampot Cambodia

For many years Kampot has been the escape of choice for expats looking for a short break from the capital Phnom Penh. A short drive, or even train ride, transforms you to another world with a really interesting history and laid-back vibe.

The province has a very high potential for tourism investment. Many low to mid-end resorts have opened, as well as a five-star resort across the river – Amber Kampot.

Riverfront land for sale in Kampot is in keen demand, but if you set your sights slightly further away you can still find some bargains.

The attractions of the province are not just restricted to tourism. The province is renowned in Cambodia for the quality of its agriculture. Kampot Pepper is developing an international reputation, with several plantations attracting foreign investment. As a consequence those looking for land for sale in Kampot Province should note that even here the prices have increased dramatically in recent years.

Land for sale in Kep Cambodia

Alternatively, you could look at the land for sale in Kep Province. Littered with amazing architecture, the tranquil town of Kep has the added attraction of its own beach. Close to the Vietnam border the province has been attracting travellers for more than a decade, lured by its chill attitude.

Despite this tourism is relatively underdeveloped, certainly when compared with similar places in Thailand, and Kep also has the most amazing crab market.

Both Kep or Kampot offer great return on investment opportunities for the discerning buyer.

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