Kandal Province surrounds the capital Phnom Penh and has great real estate investment potential for borey residential developments, commercial and industrial uses like factories and warehouses.

If you are looking at land for sale in Kandal Province then it is a good idea to first take a look at our page on Land for Sale in Cambodia for a general introduction.

Foreigners are not allowed to purchase land in Cambodia, although they can acquire title in a condo (see Condo for Sale in Cambodia). However, there are ways around this such as using a nominee structure or registering a holding company to purchase the property. The holding company route can be appropriate for large commercial purposes.

If you are considering exploiting this loophole, we really do recommend that you seek legal advice first.

Why Buy Land in Cambodia?

As for Cambodian nationals, land is regularly bought and sold. The price of land has soared over the last 10 years, especially in popular areas such as Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. However, there is still plenty of room for growth and great investment opportunities for the would be purchaser, especially away from the major urban areas.

The price of land both for development and as farmland is much more affordable especially in the provinces.

When purchasing land in Kandal Province or elsewhere in the country, things you should take into account include current road access and road quality, future infrastructure plans, electricity and water hook-ups, land level (to avoid flooding), soil quality, and proximity to desirable locations, such as the coast.

In Cambodia land is used for all kinds of purposes from a small holding with a house for a family to farmland. It can also be used for development, as a factory or other industrial use, or just remain as scrubland.

Why Buy Land in Kandal Province?

The main attraction of looking at land for sale in Kandal Province is its close proximity to Phnom Penh.

The Cambodian capital is quickly expanding into the neighbouring province, with some areas now even redefined as being part of Phnom Penh.

This means land in Kandal that is currently countryside could be classified as being within the Phnom Penh municipal boundaries in the near future.

Land in Kandal Province is particularly attractive for those looking to establish a factory, warehouse or other industrial enterprise, especially along the major roads.

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