Single Villa A

Chbar Ampov - 2021-09-03

Listed By Pointer

Sale Price$371,000







About Property
Brand Story Phum Samraong is a residential project that inspired by green and life. The logo of Phum Samraong consist of 3 main key elements, branches, leaf and confine space. The tree branch represents the branch like roads of the project which enable the fabulous experience of travelling around feel very authentic and natural, along with the tree and greenery. The Leaf that grows out from the branches are the houses that stand along the unintentional curvy main road. The leaf that connects to the same stem imitate the connection between household to household along one community road and square. Finally, all the branches and leaf grow in a compact pattern and next to each other in a very well confine and organize square shape which represent the community live style that the residents will experience in this nature like residential square.
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Pointer Property Co., Ltd.


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